Hillary 2012
As Republican candidates rip each other to shreds in Iowa, an unknown group is behind robo-call mischief urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to make another run for the White House. What better way is there is to give a headache to the current commander-in-chief? It’s part of the old “divide and conquer strategy.”

I received the “Run Hillary 2012” robo-call on Monday. A woman’s voice told me that America would be better off with Clinton in the White House.

“The Wall Street robber barons would be jailed, young people could afford college and find jobs and six million homeowners wouldn’t face foreclosure,” said the caller in describing halcyon days of Clinton-in-charge.

The caller urged me to sign a petition calling for a Clinton run that is posted on “RunHillary2012.net, where attacks on the “lecturer in chief” are found. The site reads:

“The fight for economic justice hangs in the balance. With 25 million people looking for work; with a growing sense of outrage that the middle class have been abandoned; and with a sense that the ability to fight hard has been sacrificed in favor of weak compromises – everyone knows that the Presidency is on the line for the Democrats.

And with it so is the Supreme Court, the right to choose, environmental safeguards, and the prospect of the triumph of Wall Street Greed.

Despite the best of intentions, for millions of unemployed Americans, Hope and Change has meant disappointment and the status quo.

Mrs. Clinton, America needs a leader and a fighter, someone who can see around corners – not a lecturer in chief.”

According to the site, “the country needs a fighter with the steely determination of a Roosevelt, and the resolve of a Bobby Kennedy.” It says Clinton and Clinton alone has the “stature, the experience, and the courage to rise to this challenge.”

The sponsor of the website is identified as “a project of the 99 percent.” It’s more likely to be a project of a Koch Brothers-organized group than anything the Occupy Wall Street crowd could muster. OWS may be down on Obama, but it isn’t charmed with Clinton either.

The robo-calls divert attention from the mess that is the Republican party, which appears to be on the verge of self-destruction.