The 539 PR firms whose expanded entries are on have been asked to update their entries as soon as possible but no later than Jan. 31.

2012 O'Dwyer's ranking seal“The object is to have fresh entries by ranked firms and those with expanded entries by the end of the month so that clients shopping for PR will have the most up-to-date information,” said publisher Jack O’Dwyer.

“Almost all the accessing of information about these firms is done through the website,” he noted.

Website entries have color logos and pictures of principals and staff as well as links to the firm’s own website and the person handling new business, he said.

“Firms as well as the O’Dwyer Co. can best help clients in their searches for outside counsel by having fresh data,” he added.

Firms Have Expertise in 12 Areas

The PR counseling industry has developed extensive expertise in 12 general areas—healthcare (89 firms participating last year); tech (80); professional services (69); food/beverages (66); environment/PA (49); financial (48); entertainment/cultural (45); travel (44); sports/leisure (27); beauty/fashion (24); home furnishings (22), and agriculture (7).

Specialty rankings grew 20% last year to 594 from 496 in 2009.

“PR has shown its maturity and value by developing well-defined specialties just like the professions of law, medicine, engineering and others did,” said O’Dwyer.

The O’Dwyer rankings, compiled since 1970, are the only ones that track revenues, accounts and staff by the specialties.

“Firms with expertise in any of the above areas, as established by their current account lists, should think of joining the rankings,” he said.

Ranking form is at this link: Deadline is Friday, Feb. 17. Early returns are encouraged.

The O’Dwyer specialty rankings come up at the top or near the top when searches are made in Google for “healthcare,” “financial,” “food/beverages” or any of the other specialties, said O’Dwyer.