Proview, the Taiwan electronics maker picking a legal fight with Apple by claiming the trademark for the iPad in mainland China, has brought in U.S. PR support.

Powell Tate’s New York office on Monday circulated amended charges filed in California Superior Court by Proview that say Apple engaged in fraud and unfair competition in licensing the iPad trademark from financially strapped Proview, which marketed a device called an Internet Personal Access Device, or IPAD, in 2000.

“Apple obtained the iPad trademark by defrauding Proview Taiwan through tactics that involved explicit misrepresentations, and the use of foreign entities specifically created to perpetrate the fraud,” Proview spokesman Cal Kenney said via PT.

A mainland China operation of Proview is also pursuing legal action against Apple in China, trying to show the iPad trademark was never assigned to Apple or any of its affiliates. A Chinese court this month rejected a request by Proview for an injunction that would prevent Apple from selling the device there.

Proview said via PT that Apple was pressed for time as it sought iPad trademarks ahead of its January 2010 deadline to launch the device and it turned to “deception” and use of a “false pretext” to purchase Proview’s iPad trademarks.

Apple is reportedly mulling a defamation suit against Proview.