Twenty-five of the top 50 firms in the 2011 O’Dwyer rankings to be published Monday boosted their revenues by 10% or more.

Thus far 46 of the top 50 firms from the 2010 list have submitted their numbers. Not counted is Schwartz Communications which was acquired by Publicis last year and no longer takes part in rankings.

Firms can still be in the rankings by filling out this form and sending top pages of latest corporate income tax returns and W-3s showing total payroll for 2011 to [email protected] or via fax: 212/683-2750.

Reasons for the growth are being sought from firms with double-digit growth. Their answers will be in a special online and printed edition of O’Dwyer’s NL to be published Monday.
The entire issue will be devoted to the ranked firms which currently number 130.

Agency CEOs have been asked such questions as what is propelling their firm’s growth, existing or new clients, and what is the relative importance of traditional, digital and social media in meeting client goals.

Other questions:

How important are your special practices (healthcare, tech, financial, etc.) in driving growth?

Do you act as corporate spokesperson for any of your clients, handling press calls?

How important is proving the effectiveness of your work and what measurements are used such as sales, media placements, visibility in social media, legislation passed or other values?