Arthur Yann, VP-PR of the PR Society, posted on March 6 that the Society “does not maintain a boycott against the O’Dwyer organization or any media outlet.”

Yann, Murray
Yann, Murray

This contradicts the 23-page statement of PRS Sept. 1, 2011 in which chair Rosanna Fiske and COO Bill Murray said, “We trust this fully satisfies your request for reasons why the Society has not, and will not, provide the J.R. O’Dwyer Co. with more liberal access to our news, events, staff and volunteers. These reasons are also why we are denying your request (and that of any other J.R. O’Dwyer Co. employee or assign) for media credentials to attend the Leadership Assembly and International Conference for 2011.”

Which is it? Am I or am I not going to be able to attend the 2012 Assembly and conference in San Francisco Oct. 13-16 at the Marriott Marquis? [Kathleen Matthews, Marriott PR head, is the wife of Chris “Hardball” Matthews. Both have been told about the 2011 O’Dwyer boycott at the Marriott at Grandee Lakes in Orlando last year.]

A repeat performance of the boycott appears likely this year in spite of Yann’s statement on prnewser.

Yann, Murray, chair Gerry Corbett and chair-elect Mickey Nall have been asked via e-mail if the O’Dwyer boycott has been lifted but, as usual, they neither respond nor acknowledge receipt of the e-mails.

Justice Investigates “Retaliation” Charge

A U.S. Justice Dept. administrator said yesterday that the charge that the Society “retaliated” against me by barring me from the 2011 Assembly/conference is still under investigation.

I complained last August that I had been allowed to attend the Assembly and conference for 40 years but a boycott was put into effect after I requested hearing assistance.

A hearing device was supplied for the 2010 Assembly but the Society then demanded payment of $1,275, the full registration fee, for admission by any O’Dwyer reporter, although other trade press, including editors of prnewser and PR News, went free.

Banishment from the 2011 Assembly, the exhibit hall, the opening night reception and all plenary and side-sessions then took place.