What's up with Dick Cheney?

One would think the closer-to-God-than-thee, near-death experience of the former vice president would have mellowed the guy just a little.

Not by a long shot.

Nearly a month after receiving a heart transplant, Cheney made his first public appearance on Saturday to shred President Obama as an “unmitigated disaster to the country.”

He told a Republican gathering in Wyoming that America would face a “huge, huge disappointment” if it had to have another four years of Obama. He specifically cited the areas of tax policy, economy and defense.

Ironically, those are the areas in which the Bush Administration did its part to derail America. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy bolstered the deficit and sent the economy into a tailspin. On defense, the necessary war with Afghanistan was treated as a mere sideshow to the main event and totally unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

After initially drawing up a 'dead or alive poster" of Osama bin Laden, Bush/Cheney then put the capture of the world’s most wanted terrorist far down on its “must-do” list. Team Obama was left to clean up the mess of the western gunslingers.

More than anybody else, Cheney should know the definition of a White House that was an unmitigated disaster. He ran one for eight years. Compared to Bush/Cheney rule, Obama is a candidate for Mount Rushmore.

Spreading hate is no way for a former VP to serve his country.