by Kevin Foley

The media spotlight on Trayvon Martin’s killing seems to be getting a little too intense for National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

His organization, in an effort to help sell more guns, cooked up the “Stand Your Ground” legislation signed into law in Florida and other states. It permits those who feel threatened to shoot their assailant and not risk prosecution.

Critics of the bill call it “Kill at Will.” The media coverage of Martin’s shooting at the hands of a vigilante has drawn considerable attention to the NRA’s role behind law.

NRA board member and former president Marion Hammer drafted the Florida bill in 2005. It became the model for legislation the American Legislative Exchange Council flogged in other states.

LaPierre no doubt likes to keep the NRA’s bill writing activities and association with ALEC on the down low, which explains why he’s so mad at the “media.”

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