Mexico has hired R&R Partners to handle PR and media relations for the run-up to and aftermath of the G20 Summit slated for Las Cabos in June.

mexico G20 The Las Vegas shop is to promote the political and economic agenda of President Felipe Calderon as well as the general proceedings of Latin America’s first summit of the world’s richest economies.

Calderon’s priorities include economic stabilization, improving the financial architecture in the interconnected world, food security/commodity pricing and global climate change, according to R&R’s “earned media plan.”

The R&R document calls Calderon the “perfect spokesman at this time in history” because development issues to be dealt with at Las Cabos are the “very same policies that turned around the Mexican economy from the depth of recession in the mid 1990s."

The Mexico “success story” in the areas of public education, infrastructure, healthcare, manufacturing and social responsibility is to be pitched.

R&R’s international target cities include Beijing, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Washington and New York.

The firm, which commenced G20 work on Feb. 15, does not have a written contract, but estimates its fees for the five-month program will be $500K, plus expenses.