While the late Dick Clarkís entertainment career spanned a generation, so did his PR representation.
Shefrin, Clark
Dick Clark with Gene Shefrin

When Clark died April 18 at 82, it was his publicist, Paul Shefrin, who told the world.

Shefrin, a 36-year PR veteran himself, runs The Shefrin Company, the Los Angeles firm founded by his late father, Gene Shefrin.

It was Gene that first represented Clark among an A-list roster of stars that included Richard Pryor, Peggy Lee and Tony Bennett over three decades. [Paul has repped Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Garry Shandling, in addition to Clark.]

Gene started out in New York in the 1960s, handling the Beatlesí first Big Apple show at Carnegie Hall and hiring a young writer to plant gossip items who now goes by the name of Woody Allen.

Before founding L.A.-based Gene Shefrin Associates later in the decade. He renamed the firm The Shefrin Company in 1976 on Paulís arrival in the industry.

Gene retired in 1987 and died last April at 90 after a battle with Parkinsonís Disease.

(Photo: Shefrin family)