Barbour Griffith & Rogers has picked up Chevron, promising to provide “guidance and strategic counsel” to the San Ramon, Calif.-based oil giant.

Haley Barbour, BGR founder partner and ex-Mississippi Governor; Lanny Griffith, CEO and President George Bush I’s special assistant for legislative affairs, and Erskine Wells, VP and deputy chief of staff to Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, work the Chevron business.

Chevron, which has a long-running ad campaign touting its social responsibility efforts, won a major legal victory today as the Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Nigerians who wanted the company held liable under the Torture Victim Protection Act for the death of protesters in Africa’s Niger Delta.

The Nigerians claim that Chevron hired the gunmen who killed protesters at one of its offshore platforms in 1998. Chevron maintains the two victims demanded money and took more than 200 workers hostage.

Ogilvy Government Relations collected $600K in lobbying fees during the past year from Chevron.