New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith is leaning on Centurion Strategies for PR support as he navigates a suspension in the NFL’s bounty scandal.

Smith was one of four players suspended by the league last week, in addition to Saints head coach Sean Payton and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

In a statement via Centurion, Smith, who was suspended for four games, said he was “disappointed” in the league’s move and denied the allegations by the league that was part of a incentive scheme to injure players on opposing teams. He is expected to appeal.

Smith hired Centurion in November. The Manhattan Beach, Calif., firm is led by former U.S. Marine media relations officer Michael Bilello.

The NFL said in a statement that Smith assisted Williams in establishing and funding the bounty program and pledged “significant sums to the program pool for ‘cart-offs’ and ‘knockouts’ of opposing players.”

Smith’s teammate Jonathan Vilma and Payton got the longest suspensions – one year. Vilma has denied the allegations with his attorney as spokesman. Payton, who took responsibility for the scandal in a statement in late March, has appealed the suspension.

The NFL players’ union on May 5 launched two formal grievances against the NFL with the league’s arbitrator challenging Commissioner Roger Goodell’s authority in overseeing the probe.

Fifteen-year Saints veteran Greg Bensel is VP of communications.