CM Ultimate Events, a Melbourne-based sports marketer/events and tour operator, is looking for a firm to handle media relations surrounding its “Most Valuable Australian” awards event slated for New Orleans on Super Bowl Saturday in 2013.

mvasCM kicked off the award to honor Aussies living and competing in the U.S. at this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

Pete Fairbairn, who heads PR & communications at CM, said that launch “made a significant splash in Australia and received a lot of support from ESPN.” He wants to make the MVA concept a “major feature of the Australian sports awards calendar.”

On the PR front, CM wants a firm that can generate “pre and post event exposure through the right channels.” Sports and celebrity style are crucial as are national TV and radio coverage, according to Fairbairn.

Fairbairn wants to hear from PR firms “about where they think they can place the awards before we start hearing quotes and talking money.”

He can be reached at pete.fairbairn [at] cmultimateevents [dot] com.