The media is alive today with “news” of Barack Obama’s Polish death camp, Mitt Romney’s “Amercia” and Donald Trump’s crazy birther fixation, which pretty much sums up the sad state of things in medialand.

Does anybody really believe president Obama thinks Poland was behind the Nazi murder factories of WWII?

He made the unfortunate reference while honoring Jan Kozielewski, an officer of the Polish Underground who risked his own life to sneak into Warsaw Ghetto and a Nazi death camp to give the world a first-hand account of the atrocities committed by Germany against the Jews.

The phony uproar diminishes the memory of the subsequently renamed Jan Karski, who traveled to London to meet Poland’s government-in-exile and British officials to report the horrors. He later reported to President Roosevelt. Karski became an U.S. citizen and renowned professor at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service before dying in 2000.

For the record, the White House clarified that Obama was talking about Nazi death camps in German occupied Poland.

What about the incorrect spelling of “America” on Romney’s new “With Mitt” mobile app? Does it flat out demonstrate how out-of-touch the billionaire presidential candidate is with the rest of the country?

Or does Mitt really want to become president of an alternative version of America called “Amercia,” a God-blessed land populated by hedge funders and corporate titans living the sweet life at the expense of the 99 percent.

The reality: Team Romney needs an editor.

And then there's Donald Trump’s unwillingness to give up the dopey “birther” claim that the president is a non-native free-loader who is illegally occupying the highest political office in the country. Or better still, why does the Romney campaign continue its dalliance with the blowhard real estate magnate?

Note to Mitt: if you really want to give your campaign a boost, cut ties with The Donald and the rest of the birther boneheads. Show backbone and leadership for a change. Disavowing Trump might be your ticket to the White House.

It would certainly pick up a good measure of the independent vote and a decent chunk of Democratic voters who are disillusioned with Obama and his failure to deliver on his own promise of “change.”