The Centers for Disease Control is reviewing its national tobacco education campaign aimed to counter tobacco industry marketing efforts.

The CDC says cigarette companies spend about $1M an hour to promote their products and “glamorize and normalize tobacco use.”

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health currently works with Alexandria, Va.-based Plowshare Group on the $54M “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign, a PSA-driven effort with some PR support handled by GolinHarris.

Plowshare is led by former Ad Council director Jeff Boal.

The CDC office is reviewing the account to “extend and complement” its current efforts without duplicating what’s already been done, according to a solicitation document.

The overall goal of the campaign is to educate the public about the harmful effects of tobacco use and encourage people to quit smoking. Creation and deployment of the PSA ads is the primary component of the work, complemented by social/digital and media relations.

Proposals are due July 20. The solicitation documents can be downloaded at