Wiley Rein is educating Congress about Yulia Tymoshenko, the jailed former leader of Ukraine who claims to have been beaten by prison guards.

She's been imprisoned since October on charges of abusing her office in connection with a natural gas deal inked with Russia.

Supporters of Tymoshenko, a leader of Ukraine's "Orange Revolution," dismiss the charges as politically motivated and the work of her political rival and current PM Vicktor Yanukovich.

The Tymoshenko saga has poisoned Ukraine's relations with the west. European leaders have boycotted the current round of championship soccer matches that are being played in Ukraine.

Germany chancellor Angela Merkel has called for the release of Tymoshenko to a Berlin hospital for medical treatment.

Ukraine has rebuffed all pleas on behalf of Tymoshenko, today saying she will be charged with a murder that occurred 16 years ago.

WR was retained by Tymoshenko's husband, Oleksandr, a Ukrainian businessman who has been granted political asylum in the Czech Republic.

The firm claims the agreement is covered under "attorney-client privilege."

WR says it has no plans to intervene in Ukrainian politics other than to gain Tymoshenko's release so she can travel to Berlin for treatment.