Venn Strategies has a $300K, six-month pact to promote Mongolia as a “stable target for direct investment with reliable rule of law and investor protections,” according to its contract with the Mongolian Investment Institute.

Clinton, Elbegdorj
Clinton with President Elbegdorj in a photo released by the Mongolian government July 7.
The D.C. public affairs shop founded and headed by Stephanie Silverman will handle PR and media support; conduct outreach and dialog building exercises with U.S. government entities, and engage with influential third-party interests.

Mongolia, a former satellite of the Soviet Union, was in the news July 9 when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the minerals-rich country that borders China.

During a speech in Mongolia’s capital of Ulan Bator, Clinton praised the country as a model of how a democracy can rise from a former authoritative state. “To those who doubted, Clinton said, “Let them come to Mongolia.”

The New York Times reported that Clinton also met president Tsakhia Elbegdorj in a ceremonial yurt, which is the traditional home of nomadic herders.

The Obama administration is backing a bid by Peabody Energy to develop a massive coal project in Mongolia in a competition with a Chinese company.

Prior to launching Venn Strategies, Silverman was a senior advisor at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and an associate in Citibank’s global finance unit.