Those PR savvy Nuns on the Bus group, which toured the country earlier this summer to protest proposed budget cuts to social programs, are in the spotlight again.

On Wednesday, they invited Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to spend time with them as they tend to the needs of the poor. As Romney’s campaign bus barnstorms the Midwest, the nuns want him to visit sisters in Ohio to gain first-hand knowledge of the struggles of those in need.

It even gets better for Mitt. Sister Simone Campbell, who is executive director the Catholic social justice group Network, extended the offer to Romney to "work alongside the sisters as they serve the people. Think Jimmy Carter building houses for Habitat for Humanity."

Sister Simone believes those people are the ones “who will be further harmed by his proposed budget cuts and by the terribly divisive and demeaning political advertisements about welfare.” Her invitation is to “witness and to serve.”

Romney can get a double bonus of showing compassion and distancing himself from some mean-spirited campaign ads.

The former Massachusetts Governor should grab the chance of face-time with the good sisters and their hard-pressed constituents. It’s a PR gift from heaven. The media coverage of Romney would be sensational, an upbeat event in a dreary political campaign.

He should take Congressman Ryan with him.

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