California PR counselor Meredith Munger has launched Munger & Co. with a two-minute video that details her formula for tackling the “fragmented” world of PR, advertising, and social media.

The video is below and on this website in the “Find the Right PR Firm” section as well as on the Munger website at

Munger, who has been in a number of her own businesses as well as working for Burson-Marsteller, Hill & Knowlton and Fleishman-Hillard, says clients have to engage mass audiences but make each member of that audience feel “like it’s one-on-one.”

Clients must quickly identify any wasteful elements of their programs by measuring the business results of marketing efforts, she says. “There’s no point in spending time and effort on a Facebook account if it doesn’t generate customers,” she adds.

Customers must be able to have “conversations” with clients “everywhere they go,” she says.

Munger & Co. is at 15068 Creek Hills rd., El Cajon, CA 92021.

Clients are in healthcare, tech and consumer products and include imortgage,,, RunEC and Southern Arizona News Examiner.

Background in Military PR

Munger is the author of Married to the Military: A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends and Women in Uniform (Simon &Schuster, 2003 and 2008).

She was previously a consultant to after it acquired her online community and magazine, of which she was CEO and editor.

Her editorials and articles have been syndicated to 140+ military base newspapers worldwide. She has also contributed to Army Times Newspapers, the USO’s On Patrol magazine, and other military publications.

Munger features in were picked up by the national press including CNN, Fox and National Public Radio. Her work with CinCHouse has also appeared in USA Today, the Washington Times and Joint Forces Quarterly.

She has worked as a PR consultant and lobbyist for companies including, Boeing, Eli Lily, Motorola and Iridium.

The Independent Women’s Forum in 2001 published her book calling for Social Security reform entitled Women and Retirement Security. Her full bio is on LinkedIn.

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