Havas has finally put the unwieldy Euro RSCG brand to rest.

The only losers in the re-branding under the Havas Worldwide banner are the four Frenchmen Bernard Roux, Jacques Seguela, Alain Cayzac and Jean-Michel Goudard, who contributed the initials of their last names to name the RSCG shop that was merged with Eurocom eons ago (1991).

They are now forever inscribed in adland’s Hall of Fame with BBDO’s George Batten, Bruce Barton, Roy Durstine and Alex Osborn; DDB’s Ned Doyle, Mac Dane and Bill Bernbach and Needham Harper’s Maurice Needham and Paul Harper. BBDO, DDB and Needham Harper were joined together in 1986 under the Omnicom moniker.

To this blogger, Havas was playing an insider game with Euro RSCG. A potential client wanting a communications firm with a presence in 75 countries (316 offices) would scratch her head when presented with the brands of Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG Life, Euro RSCG 4D and Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, which itself is successor to the Magnet Communications' amalgamation of Creamer Dickson Basford, Kratz & Jensen, Capstone Communications and CSP Communications.

Way, way too complicated. Havas Worldwide has a nice ring to it.

Of course, Havas Worldwide is different from parent holding company, Havas. But French competitor Publicis Groupe seems to be doing okay with a similar Publicis Worldwide flagship.

In today’s statement, Havas Worldwide claims the move reinforces its “position as the most integrated, agile, entrepreneurial and client-focused communications group.”

We’ll see about that. More anything than anything else, the re-branding gives Havas Worldwide a hook that a client may hang her hat or ad/PR communications budget on.