Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy has served as a human piñata for World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. co-founder and multi-millionaire Linda McMahon, who will have spent $70M by Election Day in her bid to succeed Joe Lieberman as Connecticut’s Senator.

That money includes McMahon’s 2010 outlays in her unsuccessful bid to win Chris Dodd’s Senate seat.

Linda McMahon
The McMahon campaign has flooded the airwaves with attack ads, portraying Murphy as a deadbeat because he has a history of late payments on mortgages, auto and property taxes. It has launched an accompanying website called demandmurphysdocuments
, which wants Murphy to fess up on alleged sweetheart mortage deal by releasing his financial records.

Fair enough. Proper personal money management is a relevant requirement for a candidate aspiring for a position that has input over the country’s budget.

But while McMahon is bashing Murphy as a deadbeat, she could easily be tagged with the hypocrite label. The Hartford Courant reported Sept. 24 that McMahon shares Murphy’s forgetfulness when it comes to paying taxes. It reported that McMahon was a late payer on taxes on her Greenwich home four times since 1984, which triggered nearly $2,000 in interest and penalties.

With the ads up and running ripping the Congressman, McMahon and husband, Vince, were 51 days late in paying the first-half 2012 property tax on their Trump Towner condo in Stamford. They settled their Stamford tax tab on Sept. 21.

Meanwhile, The Day of New London reported that Linda and Vince, who filed for bankruptcy in 1976 with $1M in debt, have finally agreed to pay off creditors. Earlier, McMahon had maintained that she didn’t have a record of whom she owed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

McMahon’s strategy of ripping Murphy for the same offense that she has committed is much more than an example of the pot calling the kettle black. It’s an illustration of why so many people are turned off by arrogant politicians and their slimy political advertising.