Just Consulting, which specializes in human rights, governance, social justice and corporate social responsibility matters, has signed the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation as a client.

OIC bills itself as the “collective voice” of 55 countries and the Palestinian Authority, “espousing all causes close to the hearts of over 1.5 billion Muslims of the world,” according to its website.

The organization says it’s the second-largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations and dedicated to resolving conflicts among its members and advocating the “elimination of discrimination against the Muslims in all forms and manifestations.”
JC CEO Joe Grieboski leads the three-person lobbying team for OIC. He is founder and chairman of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy.

His firm also represents the Kingdom of Morocco under a one-year contract worth $120K.

According to that pact, JC provides Morocco with “strategic and tactical human rights consulting, capacity-building, communications advice and grassroots HR development.”

Grieboski told O’Dwyer’s that the OIC and Morocco work are separate projects.