The Republican PR/media shop of HDMK has just released its contract with the President of Panama showing fees of $256K for the period from Jan. 15 through Oct. 31.

For Ricardo Martinelli, HDMK was to provide information to the media about the "priorities and achievements" of his administration, media train members of his team and pen and place press releases.

Martinelli, for its part, was to provide space for HDMK staffers in the Ministry of the Presidency.

The U.S./Panama free trade agreement, which was negotiated five years ago, finally went into effect Oct. 31. Ten percent of U.S.

imports/exports flow through the Panama Canal, which is the midst of a $5B expansion program.

HDMK is the firm of Terry Holt, ex-spokesperson for Speaker of the House John Boehner and former Majority Leader Dick Armey; Trent Duffy, deputy press secretary for President George W. Bush; Jim Morrell, chief of staff to former Republican Conference chair Deborah Pryce, and Chad Kolton, ex-PA chief of the Federal Emergency Management Ageny.

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