By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianI am a lifelong New Yorker, born and bred in this great city. I love New York. I have never seen devastation like that which Hurricane Sandy has brought us. There isnít anyone who doesnít know someone who wasn't affected in a major way by this catastrophe. This city is struggling and the effects of the Hurricane will be felt for a long time to come. Many donít have electricity and have lost their homes. We are all feeling the effects.

The images the world sees of the city that never sleeps show darkness below 39th with no power or water. Subways are still far from functioning and people are traveling hours to get to work.

At 5WPR, like many other firms, we are working from home but this is because of a crane teetering high above 57th Street and we're not allowed to enter our office. This city is tough Ė and will recover.

NYC MarathonOn that note, itís an absolute public relations disaster to host a marathon this weekend as Mayor Bloomberg has said NYC now will. This is no time for a parade or a marathon. Should police and city resources be diverted in any way from getting life back to normal? Do we need traffic blocked at these times and our resources strained?

I am an athlete who runs nearly every day, and sport is indeed a needed distraction at times. But, now isnít the time.

New York city is the greatest city in the world and will recover, but there are many obstacles we still need to overcome.

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