By Jon Gingerich

Dr. James McCarthyThe Union of Concerned Scientists, a science-based nonprofit organization headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, released a report in September titled “Is News Corp. Failing Science?” UCS examined two popular news outlets owned by News Corporation — Fox News Channel and the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal — recording and analyzing every mention of the term “climate change” over a six-month period. The group’s findings concluded what many have suspected for a long time: that both outlets “heavily misinterpret” facts surrounding climate science more often than they make statements grounded in scientific fact.

In all occurrences in which climate change was mentioned on Fox News during this period, 93% were misleading, or about 37 out of every 40 references, according to the report. Regarding the Wall Street Journal’s opinion section, 81% of occurrences mentioning climate change were misleading, or about 39 out of every 48 references. Read full story.

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