The Wall Street Journal wants to know what President Obama knew about CIA chief David Petraeus’ affair and when he knew about it. Richard Nixon must be turning in his grave.

Obama, Petraeus
File Photo: White House
Today’s editorial believes “it’s also passing strange, not to say politically convenient, that those sources say the FBI alerted the White House for the first time at 5 p.m. Election Day” or “until President Obama was safely elected.”

C’mon. The election is over. There are more pressing matters for the nation to deal with, starting with the “fiscal cliff” and escalating violence in the Middle East.

The Journal’s effort to link Obama to the chief spymaster’s sexcapades is a cheap shot by its editorialists-in-denial, who remain stunned over Obama’s whipping of Mitt Romney. Get over it.

If the Journal wants to create conspiracies surrounding the White House, I have a whopper. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor knew of the Petraeus affair since Halloween, but kept it under his hat. He did alert FBI Director Robert Mueller. The Journal praises the Virginia Republican for deserving “credit for showing discretion and good judgment in the middle of an election campaign.”

But what if Eric had his eye on a bigger prize? Very conservative Cantor was not a big fan of moderate Mitt from Massachusetts. Had Cantor leaked the juicy Petraeus tidbit to the press, perhaps Obama would have lost some, if not all, of his razor thin 2.8M vote victory margin.

That would have paved the way for a victory for Romney—and worst for Eric—Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin Republican is a contemporary of Cantor and a main challenger to his bid for Republican party leadership. A Ryan VP slot would have made him the odds-on favorite to succeed Romney in the White House.

On second thought, there are more important issues to deal with, rather than crazy speculation about a personal matter involving Petraeus, Paula Broadwell and their families.