While PR Society COO Bill Murray’s total pay/benefits only rose $4,782 to $382,013 in 2011, VP of PR Arthur Yann scored a 25% pay hike to $163,271 and a total pay package of $186,485, making him the third highest paid of 50+ staffers after four years at PRS.

Pay and other benefits of the entire staff was cut 8% to $5,083,323 in 2011 from $5,529,699 in 2010.

The Society’s 990 IRS tax return, postmarked Nov. 15, the deadline for filing it, was sent via certified mail to the O’Dwyer Co.

Members or the public or other reporters can only obtain the document at this stage by visiting h.q. or sending in a written request. It is not on either GuideStar or Foundation Center 990 and will probably not be there for several months.

Yann, Murray, Bonaventura
Yann, Murray, Bonaventura
CFO Philip Bonaventura got an 18% raise to $196,829 and total pay/benefits of $235,797 while VP-corporate development John Robinson got a 9% raise to $147,713 and a total package of 192,373.
His non-taxable benefits were $17,821.

VP-special events Karla Voth took a slight pay cut to $147,713 from $152,279. Her total pay/benefits, including $21,179 in retirement and deferred compensation, were $175,360.
Also taking a pay cut was Judith Voss, director of professional development. Her 2011 pay was $117,927 vs. $121,004 in 2010.

Total pay of eight PRS executives listed in the 990 was $1,351,238.

Revenues Were About Even at $10.7M

Revenues of the Society were up $100K to $10.7M from $10.6M. Operating profits were $157,202 vs. $155,541 in 2010.

A dues increase of $30 to $255 took effect at the first of the year but PRS reported an operating loss of $357,498 for the first nine months.

Dues income was reported up 11% but this was dues billed rather than dues actually paid since PRS uses the accrual method of accounting.

Receivables shot up 49% to $663,443 indicating that some members are not paying the new rate.

Pay of 8 Staffers Reported vs. 10 in 2010

The 2011 tax return also reports the pay of VP-academic affairs Jeneen Garcia as $124,983 and senior IT director Alex Ortiz as $118,601. Eight salaries are reported for 2011.

The 2010 return also listed a total of ten salaries including Barbara McDonald, VP-marketing, at $121,521, and Melissa Yahr, VP, membership services, at $105,500.

Marriott Business Services was paid $371,182 in 2011 and Marriott Hotel Services was paid $185,646 in 2010.

Hilton Washington was paid $346,952 in 2010.

Another major 2011 supplier listed was Sentry Center Mid-Town East, 45 W. 45th St., $112,039.

The Renaissance Orlando Resort at Seaworld was paid $149,156 in 2011.

Legal services, which had totaled $528,423 in the seven years ended Dec. 31, 2010, were only $29,841 in 2011. The Society in June hired 2006 University of Denver law school grad Stephanie Cegielski as associate PR director.

Investments of PRS include $950,112 in corporate bonds and preferred stocks and $1,230,984 in common stocks (value as of Dec. 31, 2011).