If Hurricane Sandy wasn’t enough to convince climate change deniers about the seriousness of the threat, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Protect Our Winters environmental group have tallied the dollars and cents impact of warming on America’s $12.2B ski business.

NRDC and POW slate a New York press conference December 6 to release an analysis of the impact of warmer weather on tourism in 38 states. The presser will focus on a dozen states including California, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont and Pennsylvania. Hastings Group handles the PR.

While winter sports resorts are the major victims of reduced snowpack and rising temperatures (50 percent of ski resorts opened late last year and 48 percent closed early), the study will also measure the loss of support services such as gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels.

Chris Steinkamp, executive director of POW; Elizabeth Burakowski, University of New Hampshire research and author of the report; Antonia Herzog, assistant director of NRDC’s Climate and Clean Air Program, and Auden Schendler, VP-sustainability at Aspen Ski Co., are slated to present the findings during the live telephone-based news conference that kicks off at 1 p.m. EST.

Those interested in listening to the live conference and follow-up Q&A session can dial 800/860-2442 and ask for “New York Winter Tourism in Peril” event.

That title neatly sums everything up. Hit the slopes before it’s too late.