The Digital Officers Summit Feb. 28, 2013 at Reuters, New York, featuring top corporate, media and educational speakers, is something that PR careerists are paying close attention to after IABC’s announcement Nov. 30 that it is off-loading 16 staffers and will concentrate on delivering services to members “digitally.”

PR careerists rightly wonder if many PR jobs will share the fate of elevator operators -- automated out of existence.

Those who want to keep on top of what the chief digital officers are up to can pay $1,995 for a program of blue chip speakers that will run from 7 a.m. (registration and breakfast) to 8 p.m. at 3 Times Square.

Welcoming the registrants at 8 a.m. will be Susan Taylor-Martin, global head of corporate strategy of Thomson Reuters. Vivian Schiller, CDO, NBC News, will be the morning keynoter.

Preceding her will be David Mathison, architect of the event and managing director of the digital media practice of Chadick Ellig, executive search advisors, New York, who will deliver a white paper on CDOs.

PR Pros Must Learn New Technologies

Taylor-Martin, Schiller, Mathison
Mathison, asked whether PR people should be worried that the blizzard of new technologies will replace much of what they have been doing, said, “Digitization is inevitable. It is natural that companies will evaluate their workforces and decide what skills are required to remain competitive. If existing employees are unable or unwilling to learn these new production and delivery methodologies, they’ll likely be replaced by those who possess these skills. This is true with any new disruptive technology, not just digital.”

CDOs coordinate the many forms of electronic message delivery and surveillance. Almost all print media are now available for download to computers, smart phones and tablets. Usage patterns can identify the most likely sales prospects.

The agenda:

• MORNING KEYNOTE (09:00-09:50):
Vivian Schiller: Chief Digital Officer, NBC News

• PUBLISHING (10:00-10:50):
Joe Bilman: Chief Digital Officer, American Media Inc.
Ellie Hirschhorn: Chief Digital Officer, Simon and Schuster
David Kang: Chief Digital Officer, Wenner Media
Fred Santarpia: Chief Digital Officer, Conde Nast Entertainment
Michael Smith: President,; Chief Digital Officer, Forbes Media

• BROADCASTING (11:00-11:50):
Albert Cheng: EVP and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media, Disney/ABC Television Group
Eric Grilly: EVP & Chief Digital Officer, NBC Sports Regional Network
Daniel Heaf: EVP and Managing Director, Digital, BBC Worldwide
Jason Seiken: Founder, PBS Digital Studios
Jason Taffler: Chief Digital Officer, Rogers Communications

• EDUCATION (12:00-12:50):
Bernardo Rodriguez: Chief Digital Officer, Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
Brent Turner: Chief Digital Officer, MIT
Perry Hewitt: Chief Digital Officer, Harvard University
Sree Sreenivasan: Chief Digital Officer, Columbia University

• NOON KEYNOTE (13:00-13:50):
Jonathan Miller: Investor and former Chairman and CEO, AOL; Chief Digital Officer, News Corp

• NON-PROFIT (14:00-14:50):
Tom Hjelm: VP & Chief Digital Officer, New York Public Radio
Christine Montgomery: Chief Digital Officer, The Center for Public Integrity
Linda Perry-Lube: Former Chief Digital Officer, American Museum of Natural History
Elizabeth Scott: Chief Media and Digital Officer, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Ana Serrano: Chief Digital Officer, Canadian Film Centre

• ADVERTISING (15:00-15:50):
Jane Barratt: Chief Operating Officer, International, mcgarrybowen
Mayer Danzig: Chief Digital Officer, Kantar Retail
Josh Golden: EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Story Worldwide
Jonathan Sackett: Managing Director, Oglivy & Mather. Former CDO, DDB
Angela Wei: Chief Digital Officer, Arnold NY

• MUSIC (16:00-16:50):
Dick Wingate (moderator): Principal, DEV Advisors, Digital Entertainment Ventures
Bill Campbell: SVP, Digital Business, Global Digital Business Group, Universal Music Group
Michael Doernberg: CEO, ReverbNation
Eric Garland: General Manager,; Founder, BigChampagne
Dennis Kooker: President, Global Digital Business and US Sales, Sony Music Entertainment
Brian Lakamp: President, Clear Channel Digital

• ENTERTAINMENT (17:00-17:50):
Rosemary Maggiore: President at Rachael Ray Digital
Michael Murray: Digital Director, Ryan Seacrest Productions
Harriet Seitler: Executive Vice President, HARPO Studios
Laxmi Wordham: Chief Digital Officer, Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research

• FIRESIDE CHAT (18:00-18:50):
David Payne: SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Gannett Co., Inc.