Leaders and staff of the International Assn. of Business Communicators, who have been hit with a barrage of questions and comments on social media about the layoff of half of the staff of 32, have said they will reveal further details in an announcement Tuesday, Dec. 18.

Chair Kerby Meyers, Denver-based counselor, made the disclosure in response to an e-mail by this website.

There is no indication that either Meyers or executive director Christopher Sorek will make themselves available for live questioning.

Almost all the discussion of the layoffs is in social media where there are hundreds of postings in LinkedIn, Facebook and websites of some of the members.

ForImmediateRelease, the weekly podcast of longtime IABC members Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, discussed the firings and allowed comments from listeners in their Dec. 10 show. The topic was discussed for about 20 minutes starting at the 18th minute of the program.

Also covering the layoffs is Dave Murray, a former editor of Ragan’s, who now hosts the “Writing Boots” blog.

The “MemberSpeak” section of the IABC website only has four comments on the layoffs, two of them placed by this website. As of noon today, there were 97 views of the O’Dwyer comments.