The ever-entertaining Republican National chairman Michael Steele has done it again.

Steele has set up a Facebook fundraising page called “United Steele Workers Union,” which features an image of a hard hat with an American flag sticker. What genius! Steele, who has approval ratings lower the Dick Cheney and N.Y. Governor David Patterson, has remade himself.

The sharp-dressing Steele is now a working class hero who is fighting to “win our country back again.”

The site's noble purpose is to organize a grassroots brigade "ready to answer the call from Mr. Steele." Sign me up.

Not all applaud Steele’s venture. The AFL-CIO immediately comes to mind. The organization is infuriated that Steele is ripping off the identity of the United Steelworkers Union. “Steele’s rip-off is another blatant and egregious attempt to align the party of no ideas and no appeal with progressive and forward looking groups, in this case the union movement because the party can’t get anywhere on its own,” says the AFL-CIO’s blog.

Steele’s Facebook page is unlikely to get any cash from the 1.2M active and retired members of the USW, but it has attracted 255 members. It also features a comment from the AFL-CIO that lists Steele’s RNC goals as destroy jobs, oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, kill healthcare reform, disenfranchise minority voters, smash efforts to equalize women’s pay, shred civil liberties, pad Big Business coffers, lie, cheat and steal.

USW president Leo Gerard is hardly a fan of the GOP, which he blogged as the “party of nowhere, nothing and nonsense.” The Facebook outreach may be part of Steele vow to “uptick our image with everyone including one-armed midgets.” Steele made that promise of a “big tent” to GOP domo Rush Limbaugh.

Good luck with the Facebook page, Michael. I can’t wait to see your next move into world of social media.

(Image via laprogressive)