The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office has hired Gephardt Government Affairs to a one-year contract worth $300K.

The firm of former Majority Leader and Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt is to provide TECRO with “analyses and interpretations of political, financial, commercial and sociological developments in the U.S.,” according to its contract.

It will use that information to suggest a course of action designed to improve relations between U.S. and Taiwan.

GGA promises to work “diligently to exhort members of Congress and the U.S. Senate to act favorably on matters of interest and benefit to Republic of China (Taiwan)” and encourage Members of Congress and their staffers to visit there.

TECRO says it will give additional assignments to GGA on as as-needed basis with compensation to be decided upon mutual agreement.

Gephardt’s firm agrees to promptly notify TECRO in the event that it plans to work for the People’s Republic of China or any of its entities during 2013.

On the foreign client front, GGA also represents Turkey and Georgia.