A program supported by the privately funded organization that provides catastrophic earthquake insurance to Californians is on the hunt for PR and marketing pitches with an RFP process through mid-February.

The California Residential Mitigation Program, which helps Golden State homeowners protect their dwellings against earthquake damage, wants PR support for its retrofit campaign that provides incentives for homeowners to bolster their homes, targeting the Sacramento, San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles regions.

The program is run by the California Earthquake Authority, which issues earthquake insurance, with support from the state's emergency management agency. The Sacramento-based authority, funded by insurance sales and investments, is running the RFP process.

A state-wide campaign, including digital and social media, PR and media relations, research and development of a logo are included in the scope of work.

Proposals are due Feb. 14. Work is expected to begin on April 1.

View the RFP (PDF).