WCG edged Edelman and Waggener Edstrom in the pitch for BMC Software, a competition that began in mid-November.

Incumbent Ogilvy PR Worldwide decided not to pitch.

Mark Stouse, the BMC staffer who ran the review, blogged today that BMC wanted a firm that “represented a new breed of thought, insight and action.”

The $2.2B company was not only looking for “after-action metrics, but predictive analytics that would catapult our campaigns into maximum relevance and make operationalizing them more efficient and effective,” according to Stouse.

WCG, which was chosen unanimously by all ten BMC jurors, was cited for its “extraordinarily powerful predictive analytics, proven in customer case study after case study.”

Tim Marklein, practice leader of WCG’s technology & analytics group, said the BMC pick-up is a “significant win” for his fast-growing practice that is on target to surpass the $10M mark this year after only two years or three years of focused investment.

That portfolio includes HP, Software AG, Surescripts, Verizon, Intel and Qualcomm Life.

Marklein’s team is “building out the next-generation agency, fully vested in multi-disciplinary and multi-channel integration, digital and socially native with analytics at the core,” according to his post.

Of BMC, he’s thrilled to be chosen as its “second sales force” and “can’t wait to advance their mission.”