The Post Office is threatening to eliminate Saturday delivery as part of its restructuring plan to put a dent in its $25m daily red ink flow. The move has been universally panned by rural politicians who view their post offices as hang-outs for the locals.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe is overlooking a golden opportunity to generate some big bucks for the USPS. Greeting cards! This blogger made a trip to the Grand Central Post Office earlier today to pick up stamps and was amazed to find a rack of birthday cards up for sale.

The Post Office has been authorized since 2006 to sell mail-related items. I asked two clerks at the GC post office when the card display was installed. They werenít sure. Obviously, greeting cards are not a big priority at the Manhattan facility.

Thatís too bad. My feeling is that racks of cards within reach of the hundreds of people standing in line at the post office would be a gold mine. Talk about a captive audience. It would also be a pleasant diversion.

The Greeting Card Assn. says Americans purchase 6.5B cards per-year. It claims cards generate retail sales of $8B. That seems mighty low. I picked up three Valentine Day cards this year, which took up most of a $20 bill.

So címon, Patrick. Put some marketing sizzle into greeting cards sales. Itís a natural. A greeting card and a stamp is like bacon and eggs or peanut butter and jelly.

Saint Patrickís Day is coming up, a holiday marked by the mailing of seven million cards, according to the GCA. Thatís followed by Easter (57M cards), Motherís Day (133M units), Fatherís Day (90M) and Graduation (67M).

Time and money are wasting.