Oprah Winfrey's decision to pull the plug on her ABC show to focus on her cable network in 2011 is bringing mixed feelings of relief, "good riddance" and anticipation from PR pros.

On one hand, arguably the most sought after placement in PR will soon be gone and with it will go the overzealous expectations of clients.

But Winfrey's move to a network of all things Winfrey will likely be a top (and difficult) "get" as well.

PR agency head Pierce Mattie, who's a bit of a PR juggernaut when it comes to getting clients on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," says he's happy the queen of daytime is moving on in 2011 as the show took on a tabloid feel this year.

With her expected presence on the new network, the opportunities for PR pros could actually expand even though the show in its current form is ending, according to Mattie.

"Itís been a monopoly that though wonderful needs to end and leave more room for other shows," Mattie said on his blog. "This means more shows, more room to pitch, more space for clients to be on the network and hopefully less overly sensationalized guests like we have been seeing this season."

Jules Zunich, an Idaho PR pro, is not shedding any tears over the Winfrey show's farewell, a sentiment shared by many of her professional colleagues.

Zunich said there are three things she thinks when a client asks to get on the show: "This person has no idea how truly unlikely that scenario is; this person has no idea how real PR works; and this person is probably quite undeserving of Oprahís attention if they are asking me for it!"

The PR Breakfast Club blog is collecting both sincere and whimsical reactions to Winfrey's exit here.

Some folks are already asking what placement will take over at the top of certain PR lists?

We'll find out in 2011.