If one searches "BP" and "PR" in Google, among the top results have been a case study from Ogilvy PR Worldwide on the WPP agency's work to launch the "Beyond Petroleum" campaign at the turn of the last decade.

The effort helped put BP on the global public stage and pushed the narrative of BP as an "energy company," rather than an oil company. It was an award-winning and creative campaign that resonated with unquestioned success.

But with the events of the past month dragging BP to new PR lows, should Ogilvy tuck this study away for awhile, or is it still an effort worth touting? Is past work for one of the now-largest crisis clients on the planet a badge of honor or is it just awkward?

Tech PR veteran Lois Paul puts the case study in her "what were they thinking" department, although she didn't mention Ogilvy by name:
"That's something that someone should have taken care of when the recent oil spill occurred and the crisis began swirling, literally and figuratively. It's a good reminder for all of us that whatever is posted on the Web can live forever and pop up during the most unexpected times."

It's also worth noting that Edward Howard still touts its consumer work for BP on its website, and GolinHarris has a few casual mentions of awards it won working for the company's gas stations in the U.S. But the Ogilvy study is by far the most prominent PR agency link to BP on the web.