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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - August 8, 2011 - Vol. 44 - No. 30 (download PDF version)

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Libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi has cast a net for a PR agency as NATO forces continue to bomb his country in support of a rebel insurgency.

Media reports describe a pitch letter emailed from Libya’s Ministry of Information to agencies in New York and London seeking help in turning the international PR tide against Gaddafi's 42-year regime.

“Libya has been under an unjustified media and PR attack which led to NATO's military involvement,” reads the request, which seeks a firm to “present our just and fair case to the world” as the pitch from Ali Darwish says the regime has “good moral, political and legal logic supporting our position as the legitimate, sovereign and popular government of Libya,” according to a New York Post report.

UPI confirmed the request for an agency with a Libyan diplomat at the United Nations saying the government "is trying to have the support of people outside the country."

The Monitor Company and Brown Lloyd James have worked for the Libyan government in recent years.


FTI Consulting today said second-quarter revenues rose 15 percent to $400.4M, including a 7.5% increase at its strategic communications unit, FD, to $53.6M.

Net income slipped to $16.9M from $25M a year earlier in Q2.

President and CEO Jack Dunn said the PR division “more than held its own” in the quarter, noting FTI’s economic consulting and technology units led Q2 growth with 46% and 33% increases.

FD was named the most active PR firm by M&A deal count in the first half of 2011 by mergermarket, working 122 transactions worth $84.8B. That was up from 101 in the first half of 2010.

Corporate finance/restructuring down slightly from Q2 2010, and forensic/litigation consulting, up 15.6%, round out FTI's five main units.

For the six-month period, strategic communications posted just under $100M in revenue for FTI with 562 staffers, up from $93M and 561 staffers a year earlier.


Sean Smith, who led public affairs for the Dept. of Homeland Security until April, has been named a senior VP in Porter Novelli’s crisis communications unit.

Smith, a former aide to Sen. Joe Lieberman, will split time between New York and Washington, D.C., reporting to PA chief Kiki McLean.

Smith was 2006 campaign manager and spokesman for Lieberman during the senator's primary loss to Ned Lamont. Lieberman went on to defend the Connecticut seat as an independent.

Since leaving the DHS this spring, Smith has been teaching media, politics and global affairs at Yale University.

He penned a Huffington Post piece in July on media coverage of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which he handled while at DHS.


Jefferson Waterman International, which was called in by Ivory Coast politico Alassane Ouattara earlier this year in his struggle to take the presidential reins from Laurent Gbagbo, has a contract worth $750K for the second-half of the year with Ouattara’s government.


French troops ousted Gbabgo in April, paving the way to power for Ouattara.

JWI’s “engagement letter for advocacy services” for Cote d'Ivoire calls for a campaign to enhance its “image and reputation in government and private American circles.” Those circles include media, think tanks, commercial organizations, NGOs and commercial institutions.

JWI will “pay particular attention to the attitudes of human rights organizations in this post- conflict era.”

Human Rights Watch has called on President Ouattara to bring to trial those who were involved in the slaughter and rape of thousands that were carried out by both sides during the political stand-off. The Ivory Coast has established a Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the atrocities.

Charles Waterman, former CIA operative and vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council, heads JWI.


Susan Sher, a White House aide and First Lady Michelle Obama's chief of staff before stepping down earlier this year, returned to the University of Chicago on Aug. 1 in a new public affairs and strategy post.


Sher, an attorney, takes the title of executive VP for corporate strategy and PA for the university's medical center, as well as senior advisor to university president Robert Zimmer.

Her scope includes external and corporate relations, as well as governance, communications, community engagement and labor relations.

She was VP for legal and government affairs for the medical center from 1997-09.

"She knows the strengths of our institution already, as well as the challenges we face, and she has considerable experience working with our local community as well as city, state and national leaders," said medical school dean Kenneth Polonsky.

Sher left the university in 2009 to join the Obama administration as associate White House counsel.

Intern Inc., the social networking company that arranges internships for high school/college students at companies such as General Electric and Google, is looking for a PR firm to bolster its profile in the academic and corporate communities.

Launched in 2009, Intern Inc. has financial backing from former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Olga Sarmiento, PR coordinator, is handling the PR search for CEO Derek Rundell. She can be reached at olgasarmiento3 [at] gmail [dot] com.


Page 7 Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8


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