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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - Feb. 27, 2012 - Vol. 45 - No. 9 (download PDF version)

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MEDIA NEWS ____________________________________________________________


Janet Robinson, CEO of the New York Times Co. until the end of 2011, is now a member of FleishmanHillard’s international advisory board.


The seven-year CEO has a “deep, firsthand understanding of the forces that are affecting the business of the media, particularly how traditional publishing and broadcasting have been transformed by a convergence with emerging digital technologies,” according to a statement from F-H CEO Dave Senay.

Robinson is happy to “join some of the best communications professionals in the world to help clients navigate that complex landscape.”

She started at the NYTC in 1983. Robinson is to work closely with Martha Boudreau, president of the F-H’s mid-Atlantic region, and Jack Modzelewski, president of the Americas.

F-H’s international panel includes luminaries such as George W. Bush’s former chief of staff Andy Card, retired General and TV commentator Gen. Barry McCaffrey and ex-Pennsylvania Governor and Dept. of Homeland Security chef Tom Ridge.


Collier’s magazine, which published its final issue on January 4, 1957 with a cover story on Princess Grace of Monaco, is back as a bi-monthly under ownership of JTE Multimedia of Berwyn, Pa.


The February re-launch issue has a cover story on Okinawa, 66 years after the biggest land-sea-air battle in history. It has a feature from presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on the “Habits of Liberty.”

A note from publisher and editor John Elduff promises an emphasis on health, wealth and happiness.

“We thought of how we could revisit the parts of our past that bring us joy and hap

piness, while continuing to nourish the things that are on top of our minds when we raise a glass to toast or offer a prayer at dinner,” he said.

Elduff also promises to “bear witness to a staggering unemployment rate, rising rates of childhood obesity and economic turmoil.”

Peter Fenelon Collier established the magazine in 1888 as publication of “fiction, fact, sensation, wit, humor and news.” It carried writers such as Sinclair Lewis, Jack London, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, J.D. Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut. The magazine also published Upton Sinclair’s “Is Chicago Meat Clean?” that led to the Senate Meat Inspection Act of 1906.

A one-year sub to the re-born Collier’s goes for $29.



The Committee to Protect Journalists has issued a statement condemning the killing of journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik who were killed in Syria during the shelling by government forces of the city of Homs.


“Our colleagues Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik gave their lives to report a story of grave importance, a story the Syrian government has sought to choke off from rest of the world,” said CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney, CPJ’s deputy director. “The killing of these journalists, who were observers in a conflict zone, represents an unacceptable escalation in the price that local and international journalists are being forced to pay.”

Colvin, an American, reported for Britain’s The Sunday Times of London, which is owned by News Corp. Ochlik was a French photojournalist.

Two other reporters were injured in the blasts. They are Paul Conroy, photographer for the Sunday Times, and Edith Bouvier, reporter for Le Figaro.

New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid died this month from an asthma attack while covering the Syrian conflict.


Former Congresswoman Susan Molinari has joined Google as VP-public policy and government relations in North/South America and Washington office chief, according to Politico.

She replaces Alan Davidson, who late last year announced his plan to leave the search giant. Her mission is to educate lawmakers about the technology of Google’s business and how the company affects the economy and culture.

Republican Molinari represented Staten Island and a slice of Brooklyn in Congress from 1990 to 1997.

She had been running Susan Molinari Strategies, a government affairs shop. Earlier, she was senior principal at ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Bracewell & Giuliani, president of Ketchum Public Affairs and CEO of its Washington Group lobbying unit.


CNN’s Nancy Lane has joined as executive producer based in New York.

As senior VP/editorial for CNN/U.S., Lane directed news gathering and was responsible for affiliate desks, domestic bureau chief, guest booking and deployment of news teams.

She now oversees editorial responsibility for CBS' digital properties, social media and mobile apps.

Mark Larking, GM of CBS Interactive, expects the addition of Lane will "expand our news coverage across all digital platforms with original reporting that complements the broadcast and drives new levels of audience and engagement for CBS News online."

Lane joined CNN in 1981 as an intern. She rose to assignment editor, field/line producer, senior political producer, New York/Washington executive producer before rising to senior VP/editorial.

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