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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - Oct. 29, 2012 - Vol. 45 - No. 43 (download PDF version)

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MEDIA NEWS continued _____________

entertainment stories.”

Saying there are “great celebrity stories everywhere,” Shuter is always looking for experts. Such as, “If Jennifer Aniston cuts her hair, and you know the hair stylist,” get in touch. He’s always looking for interesting photos and videos. However, “If it’s on Youtube, I’m not breaking it,” he asserted.

In his hosting gig for, owned by Mark Cuban with new partner Ryan Seacrest, he’s looking for stories with more of “an entertainment focus,” as opposed to breaking news. Celebrity interviews are welcome. is seen in 35 million homes. But Rob? Google him, he’s everywhere.

Kara Feigeles
Contact: KFeigeles [at] bauerpublishing[dot]com@Karabf

Opportunities knock at a magazine from the publishers of Women’s World. With a readership of 400,000, Kara has 75 pages weekly to fill on fashion, beauty and the celebrity world. “We need pitches,” she implored. Email her.

Feigeles has been at Life & Style for six years, and before that, was a senior editor at The Star. She knows from the good, the bad, the ugly. She wants “sneak peeks into the celebrity world,” beauty secrets, videos, photos of “partying with the stars,” and shots “with energy, not just a star holding a drink.”

Some caveats. For events, she suggests the date be in the subject line of your email. In fact, if organizing an event, add Life & Style to your guest list, because post-event rundowns will not be covered if they have not attended, Feigeles explained.

She’s also looking for exclusives – “Readers love exclusives,” she says – and scoops.

So, “If you see Leon DiCaprio making out with someone in a club, and your’re texting that to your friends,” says Kara, “Text us, too!”

Contact:David[at]GossipDavid [dot] com@DavidCaplanNYC@GossipDavid

“Give me something totally different,” says the enterprising Caplan. You could find your story mentioned on his website, as well as on “The Talk,” Sirius XM, CNN Headline News, WLNY, and other celebrity TV and print outlets from Canada to Australia. This is one savvy gossip monger, and he is building an empire.

Product PR folks can rejoice, because Caplan will cover stories with a celebrity spokesperson “pegged” to a product, (“All the ‘Real Housewives of New York’ have products,” says Caplan) especially if connected to Kim Kardashian. In fact, Kim was another theme of the day.

He wants photos, gallery photos from parties, and video. Nothing is too big, he says: “We can always work with something.”

On the rise, Caplan has an international audience that’s growing daily.

Emily Gertler
Contact: Emily.Gertler[at] abc [dot]com@Egerts

How does one snag entertainment stories on the holy grail of morning talk shows? First, Gertler pointed out,watch the program. Second, do not address pitches to her for “The Today Show”, “The Early Show,” or any other competing programs. “We get lots of these,” she sighed.

Gertler works with a team of three producers. They book and produce their own segments. After sending an email pitch, Gertler encourages a personal phone call to follow-up – an unusual invitation. And, if you send her a story for fashion and beauty, as opposed to a celebrity angle, she will make sure it gets to the right producer.

In covering celebrity stories, she will consider covering a product endorsement. “We can’t spend an entire segment on a product,” she clarifies. However, “If a celebrity is attached, it takes it to a whole new level.”

Guests are booked three to four months in advance, and sometimes earlier than that. Most of all, she wants stories that are “fun.” She says “HD footage is ideal,” and if lesser quality, GMA can work on it. Slide shows, videos and blog entries are welcome materials to pitch.

LangContact: Brent [at]TheWrap[dot]com@BrentALang

Covering the business of entertainment, Lang wants stories such as Netflix earnings as opposed to coverage of,say, Kim Kardashian. He covers hard news and business stories featuring trends in the entertainment space. TheWrap was started by Sharon Waxman, a New York Times reporter, and is based in L.A. Stories from the site are carried on Reuters, MSN, and other outlets.

Lang says he “appreciates if someone reads mywork,” and like many editors, can tell if there is a lack of familiarity with what he covers.

He urges a “crisp, clear message” in the subject line,to compel him to read it, and specifies that “an exclusive must be a true exclusive.” He’s looking for videos and photos, especially of executives who have been promoted.

For events, such as theater openings, send photos to info [at] TheWrap [dot]com.


Mel Karmazin is stepping down as CEO of SiriusXM Radio on Feb. 1, which is a month after the expiration of his employment contract.

The move comes as John Malone’s Liberty Media is poised to win control of the satellite radio company, pending Federal Communications Commission approval.

Karmazin, 69, is a long-time rival of Malone, who praised the exiting CEO for overseeing the Sirius and XMmerger and “delivering outstanding performance.”

He understands Karmazin’s decision to “pursue other interests” and is “grateful for his willingness to oversee a smooth and orderly transition,” according to Malone’s statement.

A search committee chaired by Liberty CEO Greg Maffei will consider internal and external candidates to replace Karmazin.

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