New Hampshire

New Hampshire's Dept. of Public Health wants to hire a PR firm to gauge the perception of child support services and then launch a communications campaign to bolster awareness of the program in the Granite State.

The firm will work with the public health department to evaluate current service gaps in the child support program, conduct a media audit, analyze public-facing materials to determine their effectiveness in reaching key customers, and do outreach to key stakeholders.

New Hampshire is calling for focus groups and "situational analysis on the Bureau of Child Support status of current public relations regarding services, access to services, effectiveness of current multi-media messaging and materials, and communication," according to the RFP.

After reviewing the research findings, the firm will "develop an effective brand manifesto in order to improve the child support experience for the public, customers, stakeholders and staff."

Responses are due April 8. They go to:

State of New Hampshire
Department of Health and Human Services
Jennifer Hackett, Contract Specialist
Bureau of Contracts & Procurements
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Click here for the RFP.