Tucson, which experienced its driest and hottest year on record in 2020 with only 4.2 inches of rain and more than 100 days of 100-degree-plus temperatures, is looking for a partner to develop a “people-centered” climate action and adaption plan.

The city of 520K in the Sonoran Desert has been averaging 12 inches of rainfall and 350 days of sunshine per year.

Tucson formalized its commitment to address human-caused climate change on Sept. 9, 2020. It declared a climate emergency and set a 2030 carbon-neutral goal for city operations.

It now wants a firm “to provide a roadmap for Tucson to mitigate its contributions to climate change ad adapt to future climatic disruptions,” according to its RFP.

The plan will 1) “consider Tucson’s unique social fabric, economy, history, indigenous community and physical climate;” 2) incorporate diverse knowledge and expertise; 3) address racial, economic, health and environmental systemic inequities in climate solutions; 4) ensure that Tucson’s frontline and low-income communities of color are centered in the decision-making process; 5) ensure that client action does not lead to displacement of vulnerable and low-income communities of color, and 6) “be a living document that is bilingual (English and Spanish), visually engaging, easily understood and accessible to diverse audiences.”

The climate action plan is expected to be completed within eight to 12 months upon selection of a communications partner.

Proposals are due Aug. 13 at the city portal. Information about submitting a proposal is available here.

Read the RFP (PDF).