The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, a non-political humanitarian organization, is looking for a PR firm to help it increase its visibility and brand awareness in Saudi Arabia.

Established in 1950, UNHCR has a staff of 10,966 people in 128 countries that help 65.6M stateless people.

UNHCR’s success is contingent upon “engaging people and communities to create positive sentiment and behavior towards refugees,” according to the RFP.

A UNHCR survey in Saudi Arabia found that only 52 percent of its people are “somewhat familiar” with the agency’s work.

Since the Government of Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner of UNHCR—donating more than $300M during the past decades—the agency wants to “increase familiarity, awareness and ultimately trust in the UNHCR brand” in the Kingdom.

UNHCR plans to hire a firm for a three-year run. The pact may be extended for another two years.

There’s a possibility that UNHCR may appoint two firms—one primary and one backup.

Responses are due Sept. 7 at https://etenderbox.unhcr.org.

Read the RFP (PDF).