The Minneapolis Public Works Department is looking for a firm to help develop a communications and marketing implementation plan for its transportation goals focused on increased walking, rolling, biking and public transit ridership.

The City of Lakes established a 2030 goal of having residents take 60 percent of their trips by means other than a car. It wants vehicle miles traveled in the city by 1.8 percent per-year.

The PR firm will help articulate the rationale of project tradeoffs and show how individual decisions lead to a greater whole good. 

It wants outreach to the business community, “cultural communities who are traditionally underrepresented in project  engagement efforts,” people who currently drive but would prefer a different choice and those who  currently do not support walking, biking and transit as safe and climate-friendly alternatives,” according to the RFP.

Minneapolis is searching for “a creative team to develop a unique communications campaign approach that effectively brings the public to a better understanding of the connection and importance of project design and overarching citywide goals.”

Read the RFP (PDF).