UNICEF is inviting pitches to serve as its marketing partner in Zambia, a nation in which 53.4 percent of the population is under the age of 18.

Formed to promote the rights and well-being of children throughout the world, UNICEF is looking to forge a long-term relationship with a firm for public advocacy efforts in the landlocked southern African nation of about 20M people.

UNICEF reports that 45.4 percent of Zambia’s children live in households suffering from extreme poverty. 

About 40 percent of males and 33 percent of females aged 18 to 24 have experienced physical violence prior to turning 18.

Currently, UNICEF is participating in an emergency cash transfer program with other UN entities to help Zambians cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Deadline to submit proposals for the Zambia work is Sept. 23. 

They go to [email protected] with LRPS-2021-9169699 in the subject line. 

Read the RFP (PDF).