Humboldt County wants proposals to develop a national and industry branding initiative for its locally grown cannabis and cannabis-related products & services.

Along with Mendocino and Trinity Counties, Humboldt is part of northern California’s “Emerald Triangle” growers of high-grade weed that thrived before California’s Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016.

The high cost of complying with California’s environmental, zoning and legal requirements and competition from industrial-sized growers in the state’s Central Valley have put the squeeze on Humboldt’s pot farmers.

The Humboldt County Economic Development Dept. is looking for a local firm, which could team with an out-of-state partner.

The communications firm will  promote the area’s cannabis “as a uinque and high-quality product sourced solely in Humboldt County.”

The partner will recommend a “county-wide stamp, terroir or place of origin program” and employ the findings of the Humboldt County Marketing Assessment study.

Proposals are due Nov. 22. They go to Peggy Murphy, Economic Development Specialist at  [email protected]

Read the RFP (PDF).