Oregon Health Authority

The Oregon Health Authority is looking for communications partners to develop “culturally specific, local safe sleep awareness campaigns” as it works to reduce the number of Sudden Unexplained Infant Deaths.

About 40 Oregon babies die during their sleep every year, with instances of deaths among American Indian/Alaska Native and non-Hispanic Black kids twice that of non-Hispanic White babies.

Because of the disparities in SUID deaths by race/ethnicity, Oregon wants to examine SUID “through the lens of structural inequity and historical trauma,” according to the RFP.

OHA plans to award up to five $30K grants for targeted community-wide messaging to build a ‘cultural context of support for safe sleep behaviors and removing cultural barriers.”

That specific messaging will be tailored on health information developed by the Oregon Safe Sleep Coalition.

Proposals are due May 23 at the OregonBuys portal.

Read the RFP (PDF).