Ballard Partners has signed Liberia to help that African nation communicate with US government officials, businesses and NGOs.

The one-year agreement, which went into effect June 24, calls for a monthly fee of $75K to be paid in quarterly installments of $225K. It automatically renews for successive one-year periods.

Joel Maybury, US deputy chief of mission in Liberia, railed against the rampant corruption in the country during a June 23 speech at the Center for Security Studies and Development.

He cited a report by the Center for Transparency and Accountability that showed that 90 percent of Liberians rate the level of corruption as high and two-thirds of them lack faith in the government’s effort to fight corruption.

Maybury called for “a more robust oversight of all levels of government to uphold standards of accountability as defined under Liberian law and that when corruption is uncovered, the responsible parties should be prosecuted.”

Brian Ballard, who was Donald Trump’s top fundraiser in Florida, heads his firm's four-member Liberian team.