Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland, which was established 25 years ago as part of the Good Friday Agreement, is looking for a global PR partner to promote tourism to the entire island.

The selected firm will work a two-pronged effort. It will boost the number of visitors to Ireland and help Northern Ireland realize its tourism potential.

The Dublin office of Tourism Ireland wants a partner to develop overall PR strategy for this year and publicity planning for 2024.

The contract period will be for one year and begin in July.

Tourism Ireland is considering the option to continue to work with its partner to support three or four marketing campaigns annually for a period of two years from 2024-2025, according to the RFP.

Elmagh Killeen, head of brand & marketing communications, and Emma Gorman, publicity & brand partnerships manager, handle  Tourism Ireland’s outreach. 

Responses are due May 8 at

Read the RFP (PDF).