Chautauqua County, which is the western-most county in New York, has issued an RFP for a craft beverage, wine and ecotourism branding and marketing campaign.

It already has a thriving cultural tourism market, centered on the famed Chautauqua Institution. 

Founded in 1874 as a teaching camp for Sunday school teachers, the Chautauqua Institution offers a full range of summer programming to promote artistic, intellectual and spiritual growth.

Chautauqua’s microclimate along Lake Erie and its rich soil is well suited for growing grapes. Welch’s had its first headquarters in Westfield.

The Lake Erie Wine Country group has 20 winery members. Some of them have added breweries and distilleries.

Due to the growing wine & beverage scene, Chautauqua County is exploring a tourism transportation shuttle to link the various craft beers and spirits production sites.

Chautauqua County envisions spending $150K for a marketing strategy, implementation and media buys over a 12-to-14 month period.

It will evaluate results of that project before giving the go ahead for a three-year marketing program.

Proposals are due May 15. They go to:

Crystal A. Erhard
Administrative and Financial Assistant
214 Central Ave, Suite 124
Dunkirk, NY 14048

Read the RFP (PDF).