Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation seeks a firm to draw up a five-year tourism development plan  to support the economic success of the tourism sector and contribute to the quality of life of residents of the Ocean State, according to it RFP.

More than 27M people visited Rhode Island in 2022, spending $5.3B and supporting 85K jobs.Tourism accounts for one of eight jobs and provides more than $1.9B to RI’s coffers.

The selected PR partner will devise a campaign to increase the number of trips to the state, length of stay and visitor spend.

The development plan will serve as a blueprint for communities to develop products that will produce a competitive edge while also preserving the authenticity of the region and the state.

Rhode Island’s firm will not change primary or secondary staff assigned to the work, except for employee departures, or subcontractors and their staff, without the Corporation’s prior written permission.

The Corporation retains the right to interview and approve such new staff assigned to this project.

Responses are due Aug. 21 at [email protected].

Read the RFP (PDF).